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La Revue vétérinaire canadienne est la « voix de la médecine vétérinaire au Canada ». Cette publication mensuelle de nature scientifique générale est révisée par les pairs et présente un vaste éventail d’articles et de chroniques régulières destinés au praticien vétérinaire. La Revue publie des nouvelles et des articles d’intérêt ainsi que des avis de convocation à des réunions prochaines, des renseignements sur les produits et des comptes rendus de livres à l’intention des membres de l’Association canadienne des médecins vétérinaires.


Emotional regulation in veterinary work: Do you know your comfort zone?
As readers are undoubtedly well-aware, one of the significant challenges of working in the veterinary field is managing the intense emotions that can be elicited by various aspects of the job: the emotional highs of accurately diagnosing a rare illness or successfully performing a complex surgery, contrasted with the emotional lows of being unable to adequately treat an animal due to owners’ financial constraints or having to euthanize a beloved animal companion.  Click here to read the article... 
Moving from compassion fatigue to compassion resilience Part 1: Compassion - A health care priority, core value, and ethical imperative
The practice of clinical veterinary medicine is a highly specialized field of care, unique in the caring professions. Working in this profession offers immense joys and rewards, from improving the health of animals to supporting the well-being of clients, and together, preserving the human-animal bond. Click here to read the article...
Moving from compassion fatigue to compassion resilience Part 2: Understand compassion fatigue
The provision of companion animal veterinary care is a highly specialized field of care that offers immense joys and rewards — improving the health of animals, supporting the well- being of clients, and ultimately, preserving the human-animal bond.  Click here to read the article...
Moving from compassion fatigue to compassion resilience Part 3: Causes of compassion fatigue
Having previously focused on the significance of compassion and understanding compassion fatigue, this article focuses on the causes of compassion fatigue, specifically the many realities of life in clinical practice that can make veterinary caregivers so susceptible. Click here to read the article...
Burnout: Prescription for a happier healthier you
Compassion does not fatigue!
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