ACMV | Numéros précédents

Numéros précédentsjuillet 2019, Vol. 83, No. 3

Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis C-type and S-type isolated from sheep and goats by using a combination of MIRU-VNTR loci

Jagdip Singh Sohal, Julie Arsenault, Anne Leboeuf, Pierre Hélie, Sébastien Buczinski, Yves Robinson, Olivia Labrecque, Virginie Lachapelle, Gilles Fecteau, Yvan L’Homme (page 160)

Molecular variability of Streptococcus uberis isolates from intramammary infections in Canadian dairy farms from the Maritime region

Julian Reyes, Juan C. Rodriguez-Lecompte, Adam Blanchard, J.T. McClure, Javier Sánchez (page 168)

Salmonella shedding and seropositivity and its association with in-feed flavophospholipol in nursery pigs

Saranya Nair, Jane Newman, Abdolvahab Farzan, Robert M. Friendship (page 177)

Accuracy of external measurements of 3-dimensional (3D) printed biomodels of the canine radius used in an in-hospital setting

Sebastian Mejia, Nikia Stewart, Angel Miller, Roman Savicky, Christopher Monarski, George E. Moore, Dennis Keith (page 181)

Pilot study comparing serum chemotherapy levels after intra-arterial and intravenous administration in dogs with naturally occurring urinary tract tumors

Meghan Kirsch, Chick Weisse, Allyson Berent, Craig Clifford, Nicole Leibman, Luke Wittenburg, Stephen B. Solomon, Kenneth Lamb (page 187)

Comparison of 3 blind brachial plexus block techniques during maintenance of anesthesia and postoperative pain scores in dogs undergoing surgical procedures of the thoracic limb

Alicia Skelding, Alexander Valverde, Rodrigo Aguilera, Noel M. Moens, Melissa Sinclair, Jeffrey J. Thomason (page 197)

Effects of various dietary supplements on inflammatory processes in primary canine chondrocytes as a model of osteoarthritis

Eman A. AlRaddadi, Tanja Winter, Harold M. Aukema, Donald W. Miller (page 206)

Relationship between reproductive management practices and fertility in primiparous and multiparous dairy cows

István Fodor, György Gábor, Zsolt Lang, Zsolt Abonyi-Tóth, László Ózsvári (page 218)

Feeding altrenogest during late lactation improves fertility of primiparous sows nursing smaller litters

Nutthee Am-in, Roy N. Kirkwood (page 228)

Investigating the ability of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolates from different sources to adhere to canine and human corneocytes

Nathita Phumthanakorn, Nuvee Prapasarakul (page 231)

Effects of 3 morphine doses, in combination with acepromazine, on sedation and some physiological parameters in dogs

Eduardo R. Monteiro, Thiago A. Rabello, Julia P.P. Rangel, Juarez S. Nunes Jr, Cesar D. Freire, Daniela Campagnol (page 235)