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Animal Assisted Services Practitioners Survey

mars 22, 2021

As someone who may work animals in your professional practice, we warmly invite you to participate in a survey developed for The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services (CFAS;

The survey has been developed through a partnership with CFAS, The King’s University Psychology department, and Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy (

The purpose of this survey is to obtain clear data about how Animal Assisted Services are practiced in Canada, and to consult with practitioners to determine the level of interest in working collaboratively to enhance the accessibility, credibility, and sustainability of AAS across Canada. We would greatly value your input.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous; the survey should take only about 30 minutes of your time. Please use the link below to get further information and to access the survey. Whether or not you are able to complete the survey, we also encourage you to pass the link along to others who may qualify. Thank you for your consideration and support. 

If you wish further information or to confirm the legitimacy of this study, please feel free to contact Dr. Heather Looy, Professor of Psychology at The King’s University, who is the study supervisor:

Survey link: