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2022 SBCV Dental Wet Labs for veterinarians only. Please see cancellation disclaimer and SBCV COVID policy before purchasing your tickets.


The 2022 SBCV Dental Wet Labs tickets are now on sale.

We offer two separate but consecutive sessions: the Intermediate Dental Wet Lab: Extractions in the Dog, and the Advanced Dental Wet Lab: Extractions in the Dog. Both sessions are led by instructors Dr. Angelica Bebel, DVM, DAVDC; Dr. Susan McTaggart, DVM, FAVD; Dr. Olivia Saunders, DVM, AVDC Resident. Although the intermediate session may be taken by a beginner, the advanced session may not be taken by a beginner unless preceded by the intermediate session. Both sessions are made possible by the generous sponsorship of Serona Animal Health.

Cancellation Disclaimer and the SBCV COVID Policy:

The SBCV COVID policy is that all speakers, staff, and ticket holders must be double vaccinated, must show proof of double vaccination through the BC vaccine passport or another government-issued program, and must wear a mask (which we will provide). Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits will be provided for those who wish to take a test prior to attendance or those who have symptoms such as allergies that may mimic symptoms of COVID. We advise that you must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of your session if you wish to take a RAT. Should you test positive, your fee will be refunded and you will not be permitted to attend the wet lab.

Cancellation Disclaimer: In the event that public health restrictions change or the SBCV experiences difficulties in importing the cadavers or the SBCV encounters any situation that would make it unsafe or inadvisable to hold the event, the dental wet labs will be cancelled by the SBCV and full refunds will be provided. We strongly recommend that you not make travel or hotel arrangements that are not refundable.


Sessions are on Sunday May 1, 2022 and are held in the Cordova Ballroom (street level) of the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront at 1133 W Hastings Street in Vancouver. Pay parking is available in the hotel parking lot. For those who will be using transit, depart from Waterfront Station and walk straight down Cordova street to get to the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront.

The Intermediate Dental Wet Lab will begin at 8:00 am and run until 12:00 pm. Registration opens at 7:00 am.

The Advanced Dental Wet Lab will begin at 1:30 pm and run until 5:30 pm. Registration opens at 12:30 pm.

Each participant will receive their own cadaver specimen to work on and may work at their own speed and level.

Cost of each session is $1600 for non-SBCV members. SBCV members, as a benefit of membership, enjoy a 50% discount and can attend the dental wet labs for $800 per session. There is no requirement to take both sessions. Veterinarians may sign-up for one or both sessions. Only veterinarians may attend. Due to the rising costs of cadavers, venue, and related costs, it was necessary for the SBCV to raise the costs of these Dental Wet Labs.

Please see individual tickets to ensure that you are purchasing the correct session. Once purchased, these tickets are non-refundable (unless the SBCV cancellation disclaimer is activated). Coffee, tea, and a light snack will be provided however there are no meals or lunches included in the cost of the ticket.

Not a member yet?

Buy a membership right now and get your 50% discount instantly. Please call the office at 604.406.3713 to join and experience these discounts and all the benefits of membership.


8:00 am to 12:00 pm (four hours)

Learning objectives:

1. Learn to identify and use appropriate surgical instruments and burs to facilitate extractions.

2. Learn the appropriate way to create a mucoperiosteal flap and practice releasing tension.

3. Learn how to section a multi-rooted tooth and use luxators and burs to facilitate surgical extractions.

Participants may work at their own speed and level.

This course or its equivalent are required before attempting the advanced dental lab.



1:30 pm to 5:30 pm (four hours)

Learning objectives:

1. Learn to plan extractions and choose instruments based on the tooth shape, the age of the animal and the location in the jaw.

2. Learn and practice the creation of successful mucoperiosteal flaps for the canines and caudal cheek teeth, including periosteal releasing incision technique.

3. Learn to section different multi-rooted teeth and choose the appropriate instruments and burs to facilitate surgical extractions.

Participants may work at their own speed and level.

An intermediate dental lab or its equivalent are required before attending this lab. This session is not for beginners.