This Week's Findings

Le 15 juin 2020

Canadian clinics continue to experience decreased clinic traffic, down approximately 11 per cent relative to same week last year. When we analyze this cumulatively, there have been 8.7 per cent fewer transactions in 2020 than in 2019.

Average transaction value, on the other hand, continues to be higher than in 2019.

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  • Our data source is PetTrak, our global platform for analyzing transactional data from practice management software (PMS)
  • Active in the USA, France and Canada
  • Includes a nationally representative panel of clinics
  • Results are based on hundreds of thousands of patients and millions of transactions
  • All data received are anonymized, we identify patients as a record number only
  • For our COVID ImpactTracking Report, we only included clinics for which we have sales data in all weeks from 2019 to present
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